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Developments - Apartment in Plan

Developments - Apartment in Plan

Buying in plant is increasingly recurrent. It means that stability and confidence in the housing market has returned, so most of the projects under construction are purchased long before they are completed. (Because the supply of new ventures remains less than demand, the risk of a buyer losing the initial investment is zero.)


Buying house by plant has numerous advantages. And if you are thinking of buying apartment or buying new villa, this may even be the perfect solution. The purchase of construction property has attracted many foreign customers and investors precisely for the benefits that exist in this form of acquisition. They are perks that have to do with price, with appreciation, with the customization of the house and with the guarantee.



  • Higher price - when buying a property in plan get a more attractive price.


  • Best choice of sun exposure, view and area – when choosing a property in plan you can choose between the floor where you will find the apartment, the sun exposure, its view and also the interior and exterior areas.


  • Possibility to buy 2 apartments and open passage in order to have a single apartment - if the apartment next to the apartment that arouses interest is available, the builder can easily open an entrance and so instead of buying a T2, would be with a T3 or T4.


  • Choice of materials to be used – The builder/construction company always has the list of materials to use, within the budget chosen you can always choose another material you like or change the color of a wall, or even change the kitchen cabinets and rooms.


  • Possibility to choose the dimensions of the areas and layout – When buying an apartment in plan you can choose to change the interior areas, such as adding a closet or removing a dishes from the toilet, which for the builder is very easy to achieve and for you will make the apartment unique.


  • Phased payment – When buying a property in plan the initial payment will be 30% of the final value negotiated, the remaining 70% can be paid phased until it is delivered to you at the end of construction.


  • Potential for appreciation – The properties in the plant are sold below the market price of the finished product, and with the growing market the forecast is that when the property is finished, it may be worth more than the amount that paid for it.
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