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Sales Process

Sales Process

The process of selling a house can be a time-consuming process. By hiring a real estate agency, you are not only freeing up time but also saving money. An agency is an expert in the area, knows the market and has several ways to increase the visibility of your property. The agency filters customers and only takes those seriously interested to visit the property. Not only does it help you throughthe entire sales process, it makes the process lighter and faster to realize.


Necessary documentation:

Building Book

Permanent certificate

Energetic certificate

Housing / Use License



Identification Documents Holders


Service Plan (chosen according to what the customer wants):

- Plaque (placed on the property if the customer accepts it.)

- Website (advertised on our website and on our partners with national and international prominence.)

- Storefront (advertised in the windows of our offices.)

- Sharing (we share the property with partners from other agencies, sharing the commission for a faster sale.)

- Portals (Export to national and international portals.)

- Social Networks (Facebook and Instagram.)

- Flyer (Used for fairs and similar events.)

- Fairs (National or International.)

- Openhouse (The so-called open house, is made to make the property known to potential customers and partners, lasts for 1 day, or an afternoon.)


The process has the following steps:

- Fundraising (The process of collecting documents, carrying out the IMC and photographic reporting)

- Visits (After filtering the customers and only taking those who are really interested in the property)

- Proposal (After finding the right customer, we will present a proposal and negotiate if necessary)

- CPCV (The purchase and sale promise contract is signed and the business conditions, sales value, term of deed, method of payment, furniture, etc ... are addressed)

- Deed (Final contract in which the property passes from one owner to another)

- Change of Ownership in the contracts (With the deed, the readings of water, electricity, gas and a copy of the last invoice are given to the new owner to help in the change of ownership, proof of payment of condominium is also given and the IMI is calculated pay for each owner.)


At our agency, the client receives support from the first contact until the change of ownership of the service contracts, which we assist.


Our commission is calculated as follows:

Property sale up to € 100,0000.00 - € 5,000 + VAT is charged

Property sale over € 100.0000,00 - 5% + VAT is charged

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