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Vila do Bispo

Vila do Bispo

The municipality of Vila do Bispo is one of the few places in the region of the Algarve where the wild nature, combined with a rich cultural heritage, remains intact.

Located in the far western end of the region, and with unique conditions and rare beauties that invite a prolonged visit, presents two distinct realities: the West Coast-little, and where small water courses flow into sweet-and the coast more southern clipped as a result of erosion, offering a magnificent view of coves and bays.

Since its people, to your varied cuisine and paradisiacal beaches, Vila do Bispo provides the practice of various types of tourism and sports, making it a healthy and harmonious contact with nature, in the true sense of the word. Sun, sea and a vast cultural heritage make up the perfect combination for those who want to feel the mysticism of the past and the present.

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