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As Vincentinas

As Vincentinas

When a common species roots the Costa Vicentina, its characteristics change and a specific, local variation originates (science points it out by adding Vincentian to its original name).
In architecture should happen the same. That is the proposal of the Vincentinas®.



Flexible Plan

Every house plan allows for a unit (room+bathroom = small studio) to be used integrated or separated through an independent access.

Rent it, lend it, share it, keep it.


Sun-facing Rooftop

Sunny South, Windy North.

Each vicentina has a rooftop solving this equation and extending unlimited views over the surroundings.


Habitable Windows

Windows thick enough to inhabit.

The openings are designed as spatial displays to live the exterior rather than just framing it.


Endemic Green Façade

Each vicentina is a new piece in an existing fauna and flora environment. In that sense, the facade is used to kindly add flora (and, indirectly, fauna) to the place it is inserted to.

Compensating construction with plantation right on the spot, not somewhere else.


Locally Sourced Materials

Both Alentejo and Algarve have a century-old amazing range of traditional materials, colors, architectural solutions and construction techniques.

Every vicentina is an opportunity to learn from and use this patrimony.


Territory color palette

The tectonic landscape of Costa Vicentina 

turns visible the beautiful layers it's made of.

As vicentinas, at its small scale, extends

this unique palette into the thin new layer they're adding to the existing territory.


Meet the vicentinas available:

M2228 - As Vincentinas - May 1st

The plot connects two different streets.

No front or rear facade, just two different ways of inhabiting Vila do Bispo historic centre.


M2229 - As Vincentinas - Bica

What if Praia do Beliche was a house?

The house blocks north winds and views to assure the perfect conditions to its south-facing private garden.

Almost all-year-round beach conditions.


M2230 - As Vincentinas - Matoso

South facade facing a cosy public plaza, north facade opening towards a private garden.


M2231 - As Vincentinas - Moinho

Sea viewpoint and sunbathing spot hanging 5.5m above the ground.

Along the way up, domestic life happens in an open, full height, interior space.


There is also the possibility of building in a desired place your Vicentina, Costa Properties will assist in the whole process, from the search for the plot, to the realization of the project and its construction, in partnership with the founders of Vicentinas. 



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