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Credit Intermediary

Credit Intermediary

A credit intermediary is a person, whether natural or legal, who participates in the credit granting of credit.

The credit intermediary is not authorized to grant credit, nor to intervene in the marketing of other banking products or services, such as, for example, time deposits or payment services.


What are the advantages of using credit intermediaries?


Obtaining better conditions

As credit intermediaries are dedicated to collecting various loan proposals for consumers, they end up making them better off.


Considerable savings of time and money

By eliminating the need for consumers to physically travel to different banks and / or financial institutions, credit intermediaries also end up being a way to save both time and money.


Speed ​​in the process

Since credit intermediaries are already used to dealing with loan applications at banks and know all the steps, the process ends up becoming faster than if the consumer were to handle everything without any support.


Personalized and continuous help

All questions are easily answered by a credit intermediary, who will provide you with personalized assistance throughout the process until the order is approved and that you actually get the amount you requested.

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